While surfing (the internet) I found an amazing blog,The Crocheting Andreas. While viewing this fantastic site I found this little fellow.


a hedgehog

I made him as a Christmas gift for the middle child who has named him Sebastian after the hedgehog in The Hobbit, an Unexpected Journey. The very cute hedgehog in the movie was poisoned by darkness and  saved by a wizard.

I think Sebastian is adorable, that being said, if I were to make him a brother I would use a smaller yarn because Sebastian is a little chunky.

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This gallery contains 3 photos.

I love Valentine’s Day. Any time that I can set aside to actively show how much I appreciate and value those around me is fine with me. On yarnspiration I found these cute little lovebugs  that would be a perfect gift … Continue reading

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I know it’s a little early to start talking about Easter but has anyone realized how early Easter is this year? While planning my end of winter/ beginning of spring (I am a planner)  I noticed that Easter this year is correlated with the first day of spring.  The problem is that Easter is a celebration of the resurrection of Christ and happened at the time of the Jewish Passover.

Matthew 26:2 You know that after 2 days is the Passover and the Son of man shall be delivered to be crucified.

The last supper was the Passover meal that Christ and his disciples celebrated in the upper room. The scriptural picture is that Christ came and was the lamb of God, the final sacrifice needed, so we, as believers in the God of Abraham, are no longer under the need to have the annual sacrifice of a lamb at Passover because Jesus was the final perfect spotless sacrifice for our sins.

I just wonder why the celebration of Easter has been moved to the first day of Spring not kept by the Passover. I guess my question is will you be celebrating the resurrection of Christ as a spring celebration or when it is traditionally remembered at the Passover, when it really happened?

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A Good Man

Good people are hardly recognized these days, it feels like the trend is to focus on the loud and brash. Loud people seem to bring energy with them  and suck the air out of the room when they go, leaving everyone searching for a missing equilibrium. Good, dependable people aren’t generally the object of attention, they tend to come and go without causing others to wonder what happened. Their impact is subtle and often slow. The quiet determination that is indicative of their lives do leave traces, like the grooves left by the faithful in the stone stairs of the old cathedrals in Europe. No gouges or stones cracked by harsh impact, just the steady wearing away of the rough, leaving smoothness in its place. I know many a good person who should be recognized but probably never will receive the accolades they deserve, at least not here on earth. Those who spend their days calmly doing the best they can at what ever they put their hand to, leaving order and peace in their wake. They make the world a better place, they make you better for having known them.

My husband is a good man.

Happy Birthday, Darling.


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Pieces Crocheted

Working on pieces for a blanket.

all before june 14 538

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Candy Corn Directions

1 candy corn

These are my directions for candy corn.

Start with white chain 15,

in second ch from hook single stitch (s) continue till end on chain (14s),

this part sounds weird but bear with me, on the wrong side of the chain single stitch in each stitch(14) or (28 all the way around)

Chain 1,[ two s in first ch, ss in the rest (15) ]on reverse side repeat[] (30)

next 4 rows repeat the row above, so there is a total of 38 s,

rows 8 – 18 ss in each s,

change to orange yarn in row 19 ss around (38),

row 20-[ 2 ss in first s, ss in next 18 s,] repeat[] (40),

row 21-41 ss in each s (40),

row 42- change to yellow yarn, ss each s(40),

row 43- 46 ss  in each

At row 47 I started to decrease stitches  and continued for the last 3 or 4 rows, I stuff the corn around row 49 then finish decreasing stitches and closing.

3 candy corn

I hope you have fun and love them as much as we do.  If you make any I would love to see a picture! Please fell free to ask any questions and I will try to answer.

The story of these can be found here

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Candy Corn

Candy Corn, people either love it or hate it, I just think they are super cute.

Last year my sister and I were together, which never happens enough.  She was getting ready for the Fall Piano and Voice Recital for her students. As we were shopping for decorations we ran across some pathetic candy corns that we promptly made fun of them. She asked if I would make better ones for her, and I love her, so of course, I would! After a search for free internet directions and coming up blank, I devised my own.I love them and so did she!

These are some I made for my Etsy store.

3 candy corn

Here is a picture of the many I made as practice that my kids promptly claimed.

Family Candy Corn

: ) As a side note, it makes me feel all warm inside they love the stuff I make. Sure there may be some point when they make become too cool or jaded to love something mom makes, but I cherish every time they bicker over who gets the first thing I make till I make more so everyone gets one!

But back to the point, how do you feel about candy corn? Would you crafty people out there want the directions to make your own?

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