bunny egg

There are piles of projects that are waiting to be finished and I have been completely distracted! Haven’t touch a single one. :) Instead I found this site,http://tecrin.blogspot.nl/2013/03/pattern-easter-egg-bunnies.html, that had these.bunnie eggsAren’t they cute? So I got out the yarn and made them.  I love them. I modified them a little, with the ears and the buttons. I like the final version of the ears but I don’t think I like the button noses. The noses will be changed to embroidery….

like the wall of yarn?

like the wall of yarn?

Only allowed to change these three, the kids who own the others wont let them go under the knife.  So one more bunny to make, this time to write how to make the ears. Then I will try to put it in a printed language others can understand, not my gibberish, and post the direction if anyone would like them.

so cute!

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I love to learn and create new things. I am a wife and mom.
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3 Responses to distractions

  1. So cute. I made one but crocheted his nose and tail too. I need to add some teeth!! Those tails look really fluffy. Glad they have good homes.:)

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