and the preparations begin

I find normally I am woefully unprepared when Halloween comes around. So this year I am getting a head start! Sweet Pea has decided what she will be this year! I am so excited to know now what I will spend a huge amount of time on. She wants to be (as I’m sure tons of other little girls out there) Glenda in her last outfit from Oz the Great and Powerful.


She loves the dress and so it will be fun. The crown will be interesting, but I am looking forward to the dress.

Last year she was the Little Mermaid, and that was a hoot to make. I didn’t use a pattern so it was trial and error but it turned out greater than I could have hoped. The godet in the back was a final addition because without it she couldn’t walk!

the back


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I love to learn and create new things. I am a wife and mom.
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2 Responses to and the preparations begin

  1. A Fine Hand says:

    What a lucky little lady with her own custom costume designer and seamstress. We should all be so lucky! Fantastic mermaid! Looking forward to your ‘Glenda”.

    • noblebird says:

      It’s so fun to sew for her because she loves and wears everything I make her. Plus the fitting is easy, mostly, she hates the pins but muscles through with hope for the end product! I keep trying to figure out how to start Glenda, it takes a while for me to decide what action to take before I start something. Thank you for the kind words about the mermaid, it was fun to make.

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