Messenger Bag Update

I can hardly believe how difficult this bag is turning out to be. It’s the thickness of the lining and the amount of fabric. I think it is coming along even if it has been a stretching experience for me as a sewer.  It will be great and the boy is really happy with the progress, he is even being patient, which is more than I could have hoped for. At this point all that left is the crying… just kidding, I mean the handle and snaps. Oh, we found some great patches to add to the front. I hope he continues to collect them where ever he goes. I do that with stickers and add them to an old suitcase  that I used when I worked on a cruise boat back in the day.

the bag

As I write this I realize there are three things I hope to pass on to my children, more than anything else. If I can impart these to my children I will feel like I will have done a great job as a parent. First is a love of God, then I know they will be led by him and have peace. Second, a love of reading, nothing will be beyond them and they will always be learning. And lastly I hope they get a love of adventure, to see and experience new things. What do you think, am I missing something?

About noblebird

I love to learn and create new things. I am a wife and mom.
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2 Responses to Messenger Bag Update

  1. A Fine Hand says:

    I think your top 3 are the top 3. The only add I have (because I know my kiddos and my family) is that they would learn to have a servant’s heart. I only have boys and sometimes I find that my being the only female in the house throws the balance off. I have to work extra hard to teach them that service and kindness must often go hand in hand.
    The messenger bag looks great. I have three on my list for Christmas gifts for my boys. Maybe I’d better start now. LOL

    • noblebird says:

      Yes, you are right, I did miss that aspect of life. I have a very difficult time teaching that. My lead by example in this, doesn’t seem to be working. I should find some way to teach it outright. And good luck with the bags, I had such a fit with it. Three! Wow!

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