Oh Shell

shell side

So we went to the Outer Banks last year and loved it! We spent at least part of each day at the beach, playing in the ocean, picking up shells, watching the waves, the sun and wild life.  It was a great time spent as a family. The only problem we had, was what to do with ALL those shells?!?

I had shells, my kids had shells, my husband had shells, shells everywhere! So with some of Sweet Pea’s shells this is what we did.shell mirror

All we did was take an old mirror and hot glued the shells to it. We had fun and very few burns, but the ice pack was always handy!

top This was the only shell that was purchased to add to the mirror. I love to walk into her room and see it hanging on her wall, remembering not only collecting all those treasures but the time spent together making the mirror!

About noblebird

I love to learn and create new things. I am a wife and mom.
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4 Responses to Oh Shell

  1. Lovely idea, and such a good way of using some keepsakes. Xxx

  2. Gorgeous shells and cute mirror! I grew up in North Carolina and always loved the beauty of the Outer Banks :)

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