Messenger Bag, the final

It’s done! He loves it! The bag is a hit!

the bag 1

The best part is that JT takes it everywhere he goes.


m bag 2

He put all his stuff in the proper places and took it down the street to show his friend. He ran back after a few moments with the request that his friend really, really, wants one. Couldn’t I please make him one also? : )


His too-cool-for-school brother decided that he “supposes he could find something to do with one… but can’t we fix the color? I don’t like blue, how about green.”



mb snap

This is how it was made.


bottom 16 by 6 inches

Sides 2 –  6 by 14 inches

Front and back 2 – 16 by 14 inches

Front Flap – 15 by 18 inches

Side Pockets 2 – 6 by 6 inches

Back Pocket – 10 by 16 inches

You will need to cut each piece from the front and back fabrics and the double-sided interfacing. ( choose very sturdy interfacing because the kid will put all his electronic device in it , and let’s face it he is a boy.)

Iron the pieces together and then assemble, insides facing each others.

Sew back pocket on the back piece and side pockets on the side pieces.

Sew front to bottom and back to other side of the bottom.

Add the front flap on one side.

Sew sides on, making the bag fit together.

Add binding around the edges. I am going to tell you this was the hardest part for me.

Add the handle with any hard-wear you need and a button or snap.

The only thing I had wished I had done differently was put the inside pockets on before ironing the pieces together.

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I love to learn and create new things. I am a wife and mom.
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