Couch Recover

This couch was given to me by a neighbor of my Mom.  Let’s face it, it has seen better days, but beggars can’t be choosers, right? And I love the lines of this couch. all before june 14 490 I had no idea what to do but I found the best tutorial!  Abby at diy design gave such careful instruction and great pictures through it all, if you need instructions that is the place to go.all before june 14 546I love it, so tell me do you think it was worth the weeks spent on it?

About noblebird

I love to learn and create new things. I am a wife and mom.
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2 Responses to Couch Recover

  1. Well done, I’ve only tackled upholstering a chair and that was hard enough so a big well done for doing such a good job on your settee.

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