Candy Corn

Candy Corn, people either love it or hate it, I just think they are super cute.

Last year my sister and I were together, which never happens enough.  She was getting ready for the Fall Piano and Voice Recital for her students. As we were shopping for decorations we ran across some pathetic candy corns that we promptly made fun of them. She asked if I would make better ones for her, and I love her, so of course, I would! After a search for free internet directions and coming up blank, I devised my own.I love them and so did she!

These are some I made for my Etsy store.

3 candy corn

Here is a picture of the many I made as practice that my kids promptly claimed.

Family Candy Corn

: ) As a side note, it makes me feel all warm inside they love the stuff I make. Sure there may be some point when they make become too cool or jaded to love something mom makes, but I cherish every time they bicker over who gets the first thing I make till I make more so everyone gets one!

But back to the point, how do you feel about candy corn? Would you crafty people out there want the directions to make your own?


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I love to learn and create new things. I am a wife and mom.
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