Candy Corn Directions

1 candy corn

These are my directions for candy corn.

Start with white chain 15,

in second ch from hook single stitch (s) continue till end on chain (14s),

this part sounds weird but bear with me, on the wrong side of the chain single stitch in each stitch(14) or (28 all the way around)

Chain 1,[ two s in first ch, ss in the rest (15) ]on reverse side repeat[] (30)

next 4 rows repeat the row above, so there is a total of 38 s,

rows 8 – 18 ss in each s,

change to orange yarn in row 19 ss around (38),

row 20-[ 2 ss in first s, ss in next 18 s,] repeat[] (40),

row 21-41 ss in each s (40),

row 42- change to yellow yarn, ss each s(40),

row 43- 46 ss  in each

At row 47 I started to decrease stitches  and continued for the last 3 or 4 rows, I stuff the corn around row 49 then finish decreasing stitches and closing.

3 candy corn

I hope you have fun and love them as much as we do.  If you make any I would love to see a picture! Please fell free to ask any questions and I will try to answer.

The story of these can be found here


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I love to learn and create new things. I am a wife and mom.
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