I know it’s a little early to start talking about Easter but has anyone realized how early Easter is this year? While planning my end of winter/ beginning of spring (I am a planner)  I noticed that Easter this year is correlated with the first day of spring.  The problem is that Easter is a celebration of the resurrection of Christ and happened at the time of the Jewish Passover.

Matthew 26:2 You know that after 2 days is the Passover and the Son of man shall be delivered to be crucified.

The last supper was the Passover meal that Christ and his disciples celebrated in the upper room. The scriptural picture is that Christ came and was the lamb of God, the final sacrifice needed, so we, as believers in the God of Abraham, are no longer under the need to have the annual sacrifice of a lamb at Passover because Jesus was the final perfect spotless sacrifice for our sins.

I just wonder why the celebration of Easter has been moved to the first day of Spring not kept by the Passover. I guess my question is will you be celebrating the resurrection of Christ as a spring celebration or when it is traditionally remembered at the Passover, when it really happened?


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