I share my world with my husband and our four children. I love to sew, read, cook and bake. I try to learn something new as often as possible, and work to make our live just a bit brighter. This is a log of our adventures.

Why Noblebird?

For a few years my sister and her family lived in Germany, pretty close to the border with France. She had majored in French in college, so she visited France as often as possible. On a visit she struck up a conversation with an older gentleman and asked why there were so many rooster in France. The fellow looked at her and answered, “Because it is a noble bird.” As if it was obvious and of course everyone should know. The story stuck with me and thus the name. I tried to take a good picture of a rooster, and had no luck. But while in Paris, on Notre Dame, I took a picture of my friend the gargoyle and in a way he is a noble bird, only more like me, kind of cranky.


4 Responses to About

  1. Woolly Muses says:

    Thanks for following WoollyMuses’ blog, Noblebird.

  2. carmenaidacreates says:

    Thanks so very much for liking my post about my new adventure in quilting. Like I wrote, if you have any ideas… just send them my way. I totally love your gargoyle. I gave my son one when he was around 12 & he still has it on his shelf. Says he keeps him safe… LOL. Again, thanks for the support. Carmen Aida

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