My First Craft Fair

I just finished my first CRAFT FAIR! It was a daunting undertaking. If it hadn’t been for a friend of mine who also wanted to try her hand at one I would have thought about this idea for at least another year or two before taking action. Lucky for me, she asked if I would like to partner up for a first attempt. Boy, was it a lot of work to prepare for the fair. It felt like I sewed forever trying to get enough product ready, because everything I read said too much is better than not enough. I was very prepared. We planned our tent, how we would set up and how we would divide the space, half for her and half for me. 20150806_192227
My eldest son built the stands (he did such a great job, and he totally understands my crazy ramblings) that the owls would hang from; they would sit behind the tables which would display the pillows and stuffed animals. We also determined how to use those stands to the best advantage, or so I thought at the time.20150807_161903
I think it might not have been the best use of space, but I guess I won’t know until I try another fair. I purchased the tent and bags (to put all those wonderful sold items in). I brought water and snacks and sports drinks, duct tape, a hammer, zip ties, wire and wire cutters, scissors, clothes pins, pens, paper and of course a Square (for all those credit card purchases)!
:) I was so ready!


When the day came we set up and the crowds descended. The square was very useful and so was the apron. By midday my friend had sold about half of her inventory and I had sold……nothing. That’s right, with our hopping booth I sold nothing so I tried discounting everything. Even then I only sold 5 items and didn’t even make enough to break even. It was disheartening. I didn’t talk about it for a week. My husband and kids and I just pretended it hadn’t happened. After a week or so we started talking about it in small bits, trying to figure out what went wrong for us. In my next post I will talk about what we learned, not that the list will be complete till we can have a successful fair.
That said, I am really grateful for this experience. I would have had to build my courage slowly to participate in a fair, but because my friend is brave and throws caution to the wind, I benefited from her daring. I know now what it takes to have a booth and I know that I can do this( with my family’s help)!


Do you participate in craft fairs and the like? What are your thoughts on them?

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Couch Recover

This couch was given to me by a neighbor of my Mom.  Let’s face it, it has seen better days, but beggars can’t be choosers, right? And I love the lines of this couch. all before june 14 490 I had no idea what to do but I found the best tutorial!  Abby at diy design gave such careful instruction and great pictures through it all, if you need instructions that is the place to go.all before june 14 546I love it, so tell me do you think it was worth the weeks spent on it?

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Sneaking in

It has been a long time and I’ve missed it. I ‘ve thought about what I’d say after being gone so long, in  some ways I feel like a teen caught sneaking in after missing curfew, trying to explain, but not really  having anything good to say so…. here I am! feet

This is what I have been up to! And I am super excited about it! I have a ton of stuff to tell you but I thought I should sneak in first.

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In our homeschooling we are reading Diary of an Early American Boy, in it the author talks of how they took such care in the things they made. I love that they took pain creating something that would last longer than a season. This is the second reading for me and I am struck anew how I would love to be labeled a craftsman. Sometimes I am tired or just don’t feel like doing my best on a project, then my work suffers. I think  my goal for this next year will to be more craftsman. I will try to value my time and my efforts more so that what I spend them on will be worth both. Not just to get it done but to do it well.

I would like to add, I am sorry that I have not been here these last months. In my decision to try to do things properly, I have been paralyzed in writing on here. I really like being able to show what I have been up too and how it goes for me, but I started to feel it hasn’t gotten the best from me. So in these two warring needs, I will have to find a balance, feeling I put out something of quality … and still being able to put something out.

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carrot cake muffins

carrot cakes

Carrot Cake invokes feelings of happiness in me, yet it seems to formal for the average day, so I tried a muffin instead.  I added whole wheat flour to alleviate the guilt of cream cheese frosting. Next time I may add nuts and raisins or currant. They are delicious and moist even the kids loved them and not a peep about the whole wheat!

carrot cake muffin

Carrot Cake Muffins

1C flour

1C whole wheat flour

2tsp. baking powder

1/2C  sugar

1 1/2C shredded carrot

1/4C butter

1 egg

1C milk

1/4tsp vanilla
1tsp cinnamon

fresh ground nutmeg

– pre-heat oven 400

– sift dry ingredients

– mix wet together

– add together

– bake for 20 min.

– top with cream cheese frosting.

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We all love this pillow.

pillow stripe

We are hard on the things we love, thankful some things can be fixed.


I think it’s a good match.


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peppermint lollipops

Having found a recipe on Etsy for weddings about making lollipops

I loved the idea a thought I’d try my hand, but it was not my best turnout.


I had fresh peppermint,

pm lolly5

green food coloring and peppermint oil

pm lolly4

The stars aligned, I could try something new with sugar and I didn’t even have to run to the store!

pm lolly3

I have to say hard candy is a far cry from the caramel I make at Christmas.

pm lolly2

I was unprepared for how quickly the sugar hardened or what the sugar could and could not do. It was fun and worth trying again, just not in peppermint; even if the house smelled minty fresh and we all had very clear sinuses!

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