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While surfing (the internet) I found an amazing blog,The Crocheting Andreas. While viewing this fantastic site I found this little fellow. I made him as a Christmas gift for the middle child who has named him Sebastian after the hedgehog … Continue reading

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Pieces Crocheted

Working on pieces for a blanket.

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We all love this pillow. We are hard on the things we love, thankful some things can be fixed. I think it’s a good match.

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peppermint lollipops

Having found a recipe on Etsy for weddings about making lollipops http://www.etsy.com/blog/weddings/diy-favors-bellini-petal-lollipops/ I loved the idea a thought I’d try my hand, but it was not my best turnout. I had fresh peppermint, green food coloring and peppermint oil The stars aligned, I … Continue reading

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Messenger Bag, the final

It’s done! He loves it! The bag is a hit! The best part is that JT takes it everywhere he goes.   He put all his stuff in the proper places and took it down the street to show his … Continue reading

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We did a lot this past weekend, my chiropractor would say too much, but here is a sampling of what the 9-year-old did. She found my collection of beads and broken jewelry (because I don’t throw anything away) and made … Continue reading

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Oh Shell

So we went to the Outer Banks last year and loved it! We spent at least part of each day at the beach, playing in the ocean, picking up shells, watching the waves, the sun and wild life.  It was … Continue reading

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